After many years of entrepreneurship, it feels like it’s time to tell some stories. Of laughter, of hardships, of near deaths and birthing new stuff. I am Suma, co-founder of Knowiz/Niswey/Irayo. And I am @sumaep on Twitter.

My Trep World This Week

The virus has brought in good tidings in its wake. Are your eyes open to them


The Emergence

I walk a little taller todayAs I connect to our mother, EarthI see roots from my feet Going all the way to Her heartAnd I see they have always been here.I can be on this rain-loved grassOr four floors aboveBut the roots keep me connected to HerLike the string of a kiteThat lets it soar to …

Good Tidings

The virus brought in good tidings, didn’t it?  You got to pause for a while. Many of us are still in pause. You learnt to cook or got back to cooking. Or baking. And cleaning and gardening. Painting, singing, dancing, or learning a new language. Perhaps workouts and meditation, even.  Many of us started having …