After many years of entrepreneurship, it feels like it’s time to tell some stories. Of laughter, of hardships, of near deaths and birthing new stuff. I am Suma, co-founder of Knowiz/Niswey/Irayo. And I am @sumaep on Twitter.

My Trep World This Week

Just a look back at my life and what I learnt from the men in my life. And that I am truly thankful for each of them! Here it is.


Happy 2020!

Maybe it’s time to have 20/20 vision. Normally, I would tell you how my 2019 was, the strides I made, the times I failed, the times I grieved, and so on. But are these normal times? 2019 was the year that brought up so many things that deeply challenged our closely held beliefs. Worse, for many …