When I was exactly a year old as an entrepreneur, I was told by another entrepreneur who had been in business for seven years by then, “Entrepreneurs are of a different mettle.” Back then, I didn’t fully understand it. Downturns, new services, near deaths, and a product-in-development later, I know exactly what he meant. It’s not an easy ride. But then, would I trade it for anything else? No.

I am Suma E P, co-founder of Knowiz/Niswey/Irayo. I might be called a CEO or a co-founder in business parlance, but at the heart I remain a writer. And of late, there’s been an inside push to write. You can ignore it for a bit, but as most writers know, you can’t ignore it for very long. So here I am, presenting my world to you, in whatever way I can. I hope you find it meaningful.

Trep, a short form of entrepreneur, is a word my co-founders and I use a lot, because we online-chat a lot. I hope you grow to love the term as much I do, and as much as I love what it stands for. Welcome to my trail.